Getting a Class B License in Nevada

So we purchased the motorhome and then had to figure out what we needed to do in order to drive it. Every state is different so check with your DMV. In Nevada, drivers of vehicles over 26,001lbs gross combination weight rating (GCWR) are required to get a Non-Commercial Class B license. This will let you drive the motorhome and tow another vehicle that does not have a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 10,000lbs. Our motorhome is over 36,000lbs so we had to get a new driver’s license. 

We thought this would be easy. Take a written test then do the inspection test and maybe drive the motorhome around a bit. Wrong! The written test was easy. We reviewed the material and my husband, Cameron, and I passed with no problem. So we scheduled the driving test. Cameron didn’t make it past the inspection test. My test was the next day so I studied more that night. I didn’t make it past the inspection test either! The tester told me what she was looking for in the inspection. It was word for word what was written in the study guide. We had to use the same words as in the guide! This is a link to the Nevada study guide –

We rescheduled our appointments for a week later and started studying and testing each other. I went first and passed all parts of the test. I used all the words in the study guide to describe what I was looking for during the inspection portion. ALL THE WORDS. It seems so silly but that is what they were looking for. 

Next, I had to do several maneuvers in the parking lot behind the DMV. This involved driving straight forward and backward, stopping and not crossing lines both forward and backward, and backing up into a parking spot. Then we left the parking lot to drive a couple of miles through town to show I can turn left and right correctly, change lanes, and drive appropriately among other cars. I passed. Cameron passed the next day.

It was a frustrating exercise to have to recite the study guide verbatim. I was also extremely helpful in becoming better motorhome drivers and understanding our motorhome and all the parts we need to inspect to keep us safe. 

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