Buying a Used Class A Motorhome

If you have ever looked for a class A motorhome you know there are many, many options. We were overwhelmed almost immediately! We started researching the top motorhome brands with a bunkhouse. We knew we wanted a top brand diesel pusher with slides and settled on the Tiffin Allegro Red 38QBA model. 

Our 2018 Tiffin Allegro Red 38QBA at the start of a trip

This motorhome has a great layout! There is tons of seating with a 3 seater pullout couch, a 2 seater jack knife couch, a bench dinette and the 2 captains chairs. There is a queen bed in the back with the bunks just past the kitchen. 

Once we decided on the model, we researched the price and depreciation of these vehicles using to limit surprises. Unlike most houses, motorhomes do not appreciate in value so they are losing money all the time. Doing this research helped us understand how much we were likely to lose and how much we could expect to spend.

It is very important to understand how purchasing a vehicle works in your state. In Nevada, where we live, we are taxed if we purchase a vehicle from an out-of-state dealer. We are not taxed if we purchase from an out-of-state private party. This is critical to know when purchasing big ticket items. This is money you will never get back. We decided to purchase from a private party to save some money.

There are not many high end bunkhouse motorhomes available at any given time so we kept looking on and were lucky to find one 2 hours away. We made the deal and bought a 2018 Tiffin Allegro Red 38QBA. Now, how do we drive this beast?!

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