More Motorhome Adventures!

It’s been a couple of years and I am back with more adventures!

The pandemic stopped my family in its’ tracks and we stayed home for over a year before we got itchy to travel again. This time, we purchased a Tiffin Class A motorhome. Where our last motorhome was small (24’) with no slides and a lower end model, this one is the exact opposite. We chose a 40’ diesel pusher with 4 slides and Tiffin’s excellent interiors.

Our first motorhome was a great introduction to motorhoming but not a practical size for 4 adult-size people and 2 large dogs traveling for any extended time. So we said goodbye to it as the pandemic was ramping up. A year later, we decided that if we were ever going to motorhome with our daughters, it was now or never. We found a three year old Tiffin Allegro Red with a bunkhouse that fit our growing family. We didn’t add any kids but we did add a new puppy! Our first trip was to pick her up from the breeder. Isn’t she cute?

Coda at 7 weeks old

She is no longer a puppy and has grown into a very large 85lb dog! Thank goodness we have a large motorhome that will accommodate us all!

We got home from picking her up before planning a much bigger trip across the United States hitting as many states as we could. First up, the northern states…

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