Radium Hot Springs

When we were traveling through southeastern British Columbia, we stumbled on the little town of Radium Hot Springs. What a great find! It’s located just outside Kootenay National Park. And, as the name implies, there are hot springs nearby. There were also bighorn sheep roaming around the town, which is always fun and very intriguing to our dog. Needless to say, we all gave them plenty of space.

Found just off the main street

We stayed at The Canyon RV Resort on Sinclair Creek, and it was lovely. Our campsite was beside a creek, and we had the best sleep there. Too many previous nights we heard highway noise and so many trains! From the campground, we walked to town, but it seemed too far to walk to the hot springs which are inside the Park.

It was mid-August, and the weather was hot, so we decided to check out the hot springs in the morning. What a great idea! The warmest pool had very few people, and it was quite tranquil and shaded. The pool is large, shallow, and has a bench seat all around the inside of the pool so we could soak as long as we wanted. Our girls went into the cooler pool with the diving board, but Cameron and I were content to hang out in the warm pool. 

Shortly after opening at 9am

We purchased the day pass and went back in the evening. It seems like everyone else thought this was a good idea, too. It was too busy for my liking with most of the bench seating occupied inside the pool. It was still enjoyable but the morning was much better.

All in all, Radium Hot Springs was a worthwhile side trip. Where are you favorite hot springs?

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