My Disappointment in Lake Louise

Forty years ago, my parents took my brothers and me on a road trip from Bowmanville, Ontario to Vancouver Island and back. We tented across Canada and the United States for seven weeks. We stopped and saw everything. It was a great trip, and I have very fond memories from it. Even some not so fond memories of having to blow up my parents’ air mattress every night while my brothers and I slept on the ground. I still bug my parents about it at every opportunity. 🙂

Anyway, one of the stops we made was to see Lake Louise. It was lovely to drive up and park at the lake and get out to see the views. A lot has changed in forty years! We attempted to see Lake Louise this past August on a Wednesday, and it was a huge disappointment! We saw the signs that told us the parking lot was full at the lake and to take a shuttle instead. We didn’t have time to park, wait for a shuttle, drive in, get out, see the lake, and take the shuttle back so we decided to drive in to see if that would work. It didn’t. There were people directing traffic all the way into the lake, through the parking lots, and back out. There were no opportunities to turn off or even stop to let people out. We couldn’t even abort the trip and turn around. Plus you can’t turn on to the road to Moraine Lake until you are on the way out of Lake Louise. It was a massive waste of time.

Thankfully we were able to see Moraine Lake, and it was beautiful. There is an easy path around the side of the lake where there weren’t so many people. The scenery is spectacular, and it’s worth a visit. Sadly, that means you have to drive to Lake Louise and out when it’s in the middle of high season.

If you want to see Lake Louise, make plans ahead of time.

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