The Essentials for Your Motorhome – Kitchen Edition

What are the dealbreakers in deciding on your motorhome purchase? For us purchasing our first motorhome, we needed a generator, air conditioning, kitchen, and three places to sleep. What we didn’t know is that there are other, equal, if not more important aspects to consider. Kitchen storage was the first to be highlighted in our motorhome .

Don’t get me wrong; we have kitchen storage: two upper cabinets, an under the sink cabinet and a large drawer under the oven. Sounds good…until we started to put items into these places. We have the usual – plates, bowls, cups, silverware, cooking utensils, a pot, a frying pan, a kettle, and food.

The plates, bowls, and cups go in the upper cabinet that has a shelf. The pot, frying pan and kettle can go in the large drawer. Now, where are silverware and utensils going? There was no good place for those items. We purchased a small plastic bin for silverware and had a bigger plastic container for cooking tools. They went into the upper cabinet. They are stacked, so it’s a pain to get the utensils out.

The under sink cabinet was just one big open space. We used a couple of plastic bins to store more frequently used items like snacks and paper towels. It was tedious getting things out of the bottom container, so we just moved the items we needed to the bin on top.

Other, non-refrigerated food went into plastic bins over the table. This is not a great arrangement, but it’s what’s available. I have to remember; it’s a motorhome, not a permanent residence.

Also, I thought I needed an oven since I use mine at home all the time. After traveling for two weeks, I don’t think we will use it. I didn’t have time or want to take the time to cook that way.

Next time, a cutlery drawer and drawers for food storage. Oh, and an oven is not essential.

What are your must-haves for your motorhome kitchen? How do you organize your kitchen?

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