Class A, Class B, or Class C?

If you have looked at motorhomes recently, you’ve noticed there are many different types from standard van-size Class Bs to bus-size class As. The Class Bs look like a taller, longer van from the outside and inside they can range from an empty shell to a fully customized interior run by gas or diesel. Class Cs, gas or diesel, have the family-friendly loft over cab. Class As are the biggest of the bunch and are generally diesel vehicles.

I am really attracted to the Class Bs because they don’t seem like too big of a jump in size from a mini-van. When it comes to the interior, Class Bs seem luxurious. A little too luxurious, especially for my 70lb dog. I’d far prefer functionality and efficient storage over luxury for a camping vehicle. Another consideration is the interior size. Yes, they are compact and seem well designed for two people max, maybe even just one. There are four people in my family, big people, plus a dog. Perhaps we will consider a Class B again when the kids have left home but for my husband who is 6’3”, maybe not.

So we settled on a 24ft Class C for our first foray into motorhome ownership. This was mainly because of me since I didn’t want to get a large vehicle that I thought might be a challenge to maneuver. It was the vehicle we took to St. Helena for one week and to Montana and Western Canada for two weeks. I like the size of the motorhome for driving and parking. What I found to be more critical is the storage available, how storage is accessed, and the vehicle’s power.

Having to make the table into a bed each night for one of these two is not our favorite thing

Our small motorhome is an excellent choice for two people or a family with little children. We are ready to move to a bigger motorhome with a more powerful engine. Class A here we come!

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