Will We Use a Motorhome?

One question Cameron and I kept asking ourselves was, “Will we use a motorhome enough to justify the purchase?” We made lists of trips we could take and compared the price of traveling by motorhome vs. traveling by minivan. We listed the family we can spend time with in other states and countries. Would we travel and visit more if we had a motorhome?

After several conversations, Cameron and I concluded that, for us, a motorhome is a place to sleep that is cheaper than a hotel while also providing a more comfortable way to travel for everyone. The bonus is we can bring our dog, we don’t have to unpack, we can stop when we want, and we can be self-sufficient as we go.

In the end, we knew we liked traveling by motorhome from previous experiences, and we have a dog, Lexi. Having a motorhome allows us to travel with our dog. And take trips that we wouldn’t consider if we had to find a dog sitter or take her with us.

This is Lexi
She sleeps between the front seats while we are driving. She doesn’t really fit there…

We made the purchase two months ago and already went on two trips – one to St. Helena, CA and the other to Montana. The St. Helena trip was basically camping in my in-law’s driveway for a week. We extended the Montana trip to include a quick tour through Alberta and British Columbia before going to Victoria on Vancouver Island to visit my parents.

We may have taken those trips without the motorhome but wouldn’t have stayed as long. The Montana trip was a last-minute trip. It had the potential to be a three day trip to Montana and back for a wedding, and it turned into a two-week adventure in Canada. We wouldn’t have had that flexibility without the motorhome.

So, to answer our question, we will use a motorhome, and we’re ready for our next adventure!

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