We Bought a Motorhome!

In Australia 3 years ago, we rented a motorhome for ten days and traveled throughout the Northern Territory. We had a wonderful time, and the girls loved it! We have been talking about getting a motorhome ever since and finally purchased one!

Our new home on wheels

Cameron grew up taking vacations in a motorhome around the United States. He always speaks fondly of these adventures. Cameron was concerned that I wouldn’t like traveling around in a motorhome. Little did he know that I grew up tent camping then tent trailer camping around North America. I always envied the people pulling up to their campsite in a motorhome and parking then camp was basically set up. Now we have a home away from home that we can travel where we want with our dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, named Lexi.

If you have ever considered purchasing a motorhome, you know there are lots of options. We initially looked at a class B vehicle. I like the class B size because it feels like a big van and I can see over the dashboard. At 5’2”, I need a booster cushion to drive safely in a more traditional class C cab. Unfortunately, the ones we considered don’t fit four adult-size people to sleep. We tried to squeeze in then realized it wouldn’t work for us for any multiple day-journeys. Also, have you seen the prices of those vehicles?! They are way out of our price range for our first motorhome purchase. Maybe when the kids are gone…. 🙂

So, back to looking for the right Class C for our dog and us. RVTrader.com was our starting place. We wanted the shortest vehicle with a cab over bed and no slide-outs. If it was nearby, even better. We weighed model year and mileage against cost. Many Class Cs are rentals until they reach a particular mileage then sold. While these vehicles may be serviced frequently, I wasn’t wholly comfortable purchasing a rental. No one takes care of anything rented as an owner would. We ended up finding a 24’ Gulf Stream in Reno. We went through it last Sunday and made an offer on Thursday which they accepted. There is a queen bed in the back, a double bed over the cab and a u-shaped dining area. It’s compact and perfect for our first motorhome. Bonus, it fits in our parking pad!

The kids quickly claimed the over cab bunk

I’m off now to gather up all the things we need to outfit it for our first trip to Montana for a wedding. And purchase a booster cushion…..

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