Our Cave House in Oia, Santorini

I’ve mentioned in a past post that we usually stay away from or limit our visits to the most touristy places. We made an exception for Santorini based on a Greek friend’s insistence that we not miss it. We usually don’t listen to those suggestions either, that’s the way we roll.

Anyway, we include Santorini in our itinerary and, after doing some online research, decided to stay in a cave house in Oia.

Me in front of our cave house

As an aside, Home Away doesn’t specify what age a person is considered a child while Airbnb does, and it’s 12 years old. Since my daughters were 12 and 13 years old, they were considered adults on Airbnb. We saved about $100 per night by booking through Home Away. It’s worth looking on multiple platforms before finalizing your booking.

So, Oia. It’s a pedestrian-only cliff town that is very walkable if you are on the main path. There are LOTS of stairs if you venture off it. Most of the accommodations are below the main walkway so it didn’t feel busy near us even when the town was teeming with visitors. Mornings were tranquil, and the walkways cleared out after sunset.

The houses are built into the rock in tiers one on top of the other. Ours had three bedrooms and a powder room inside and the patios out front. Under the top terrace was another bathroom with a shower. It’s unconventional, and it was the best part of our stay in Oia.

To me, Santorini feels utterly different from every other place we went in Greece. Go or not based on what you are looking for.

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