On to Delphi

After two nights in Kastraki, we left for Delphi. It’s a 3-hour drive through the countryside. Did you know that there is a lot of cotton grown in Greece? I didn’t. We passed by many fields.

Driving in Greece is relatively straight forward. The roads aren’t busy, but there are tolls. It seems like a lot of tolls. You will need cash and change. There is always a lane with an attendant, so you can pay and get change.

Delphi is basically on the side of a mountain, so the views are impressive. From the village, you can walk to the ancient sites and the museum on a flat walkway, once you get to the main street. Delphi has a lot to offer, considering its’ small size. There are lots of restaurants, hotels, and shops to accommodate all. We found the best takeout gyros in Delphi, at Dionysios Souvlaki Gyro Shop. It’s on the one way street the buses take through town as they head back to Athens. We enjoyed it so much that we went back again the next day! We ate so fast we didn’t take any pictures.

There are two ruins to visit: the ones you have to pay to see and the ones across the road that you do not have to pay to see. They are both worth the visit. The museum is interesting, too. My mythology loving daughters loved it all!

The Theatre at the Sanctuary of Apollo
Sanctuary of Athena

Delphi is a cute little town that can be covered in one full day. 

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