Planning Our Greek Adventure

Early last year we were planning a Fall holiday overseas. We originally were going to go to Scotland but thought the weather in October would be too cold so we looked for a Southern Europe destination that would be warm and ended up in Greece for two weeks.

OK, Greece it is. Now, where to go? Lots of people had recommendations for us, and almost all of them said to go to the islands. Our kids are big fans of mythology and history, so we had to include some ancient sites, too. Cameron wanted to see Meteora, one of the locations where “For Your Eyes Only” was filmed. How much time did we have?!

We planned on driving and didn’t have time to do a loop, so we flew to Thessaloniki and drove to Kastraki, in the shadows of Meteora. From there we drove to Delphi then on to Athens. Next, we flew to Santorini to stay in Oia then on to Crete.

A monastery in Meteora

We usually stay away from the tourist scene but made an exception for Santorini. A Greek friend of ours said we couldn’t go to Greece and not go to Santorini. Fine, we’ll go there. Oia is a pedestrian-only town that is lovely to wander through early in the morning.

Oia, Santorini at sunrise

Crete was a complete unknown for us. It just happens to be the most southern Greek island, and we figured it would be the warmest by later October. We were looking for some time at the beach.

So, that is our plan in a nutshell – Meteora, Delphi, Athens, Oia, and Crete. Now, where can I get a gyro?

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