Does Anyone Want Mud Crabs or Bugs?

Do you like seafood? I like mild fish and most shellfish, but I LOVE lobster and crab! 

When Cameron and I took the kids to Australia ten years ago, we went with my Mother-in-law. She would talk about catching and eating mud crab when she was a girl growing up in Queensland. Mud crab doesn’t make me think I want to eat that plus they have black shells before they are cooked. Little did I know that it is the best tasting crab I’ve eaten. It’s sweet, and there is lots of it. These crabs are huge! The first one I ever ate was as wide as Cameron’s size 12 foot is long, weighed over 2 pounds with a dominate claw as big as my hand and three times as thick!

Cooked mud crabs – Yum!

Another thing that doesn’t sound appealing to eat are bugs, which are slipper lobsters. I tried them in a restaurant in Cairns years ago, and they tasted like a delicious cross between crab and lobster with the texture of lobster. Every time I go back to Australia, I eat as many bugs as I can get.

Cooked Moreton Bay Bugs – Double yum!

This trip was no different. We ate at least four mud crabs, and I lost count of all the times I ate Moreton Bay bugs. I would eat the bugs every day if I could. So good!

What is your favorite seafood?

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