Scones, Scones, Scones

We like tea. We like scones. We love them together. Not just any scones…..only really delicious scones. We check British-influenced cities before we travel to see who has the best scones and we always visit them.

We have strong opinions about cream and jam and the order they are applied to the scone.

The Cream

Must be thick…Devonshire cream thick. There can be no cream running off the scone. The cream goes on the scone first, then the jam.

The Jam

Must be thick, very fruity, and not too sweet. Berry is my favorite. The jam goes on top of the cream.

Eat and enjoy.

One thing we noticed on our last trip to Australia is that we prefer scones that have fruit in them. I used to think the best scones had nothing in them, but now I find them boring. The best ones we had had dates in them. They were so good! We got them at the bakery in Peregian on the Sunshine Coast. They were warm out of the oven and very delicious.

Part of our “problem” with scones is I make an excellent ginger scone thanks to a recipe from Cooks Illustrated. Our standards are high, so not just any scone passes our criteria.

The scones at Claridge’s in London were delicious. The scones at The Empress in Victoria, British Columbia were not. Where have you had the best scones?

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