Cookies or Biscuits?

I love visiting the cookie/biscuit aisle in the grocery store. In Australia, they put the biscuits right beside the tea because one always has a biscuit with tea at tea time. It makes so much sense! I love tea, as mentioned in a previous post about scones, and who doesn’t like biscuits?!

Have you heard of TimTams? They are a delicious chocolate coated cookie with wafers and a flavored cream in the middle. This last trip involved many, many packages of TimTams. We found new and exciting flavors, and the girls and Cameron gorged themselves. The favorites ended up being the TimTam Slams with malt and caramel filling. Ridiculously good!

Zoe deciding which flavor to get. One of everything will do until we run out!

Cadbury is another favorite stop of ours. We can get Cadbury chocolate in Canada when we visit my parents in Victoria, British Columbia, but the chocolate we get in Australia is usually way less expensive because of the sales every other week at Coles or IGA. We enjoy our fill of all the varieties and take some home to enjoy.

Every kind of Cadbury bar

I feel like I’m forgetting something….what is it? Ginger Nuts! How could I forget Ginger Nuts? This is a perfect tea cookie. It’s crisp and gingery and gets better when dipped in tea. We purchased some Ginger Nuts in Sydney, and they were very different from the ones we got in the Northern Territory 3 years ago and different again from the ones we got in Queensland. We looked it up, and there are unique recipes for the different regions. There used to be 4 or 5 companies making the cookies until they consolidated into one manufacturer. They settled on one recipe, and the people in the different regions complained because they didn’t get the biscuit they expected. Now Arnotts, the manufacturer, makes four different recipes, and each state gets the biscuit they expect and enjoy.

Any wonder we all came home carrying some extra weight around our middles and some packages of Cadbury, Ginger Nuts and TimTams to savor after arriving home. When are we going back?!

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