Barefoot…in the Grocery Store

Barefoot in Coles in Noosa

One of our favorite things to do in any foreign country is going to the grocery store. It is so fun to wander the aisles to see all the items not available to us at home.

One thing so interesting to us is bare feet in a grocery store or any store in Australia. We could be in a store that is miles from the beach, but we still see bare feet. I saw someone walking around Circular Quay in Sydney in bare feet. I’ve never seen that in any other place we’ve traveled to.

Cameron and the girls had to try it out in Peregian and Noosa. It is still so strange to see. I went into a seafood shop in bare feet, and it just feels so wrong! I feel like someone could kick us out at any moment.

I do like the relaxed feel it brings to the stores, but it would take a while for it to feel natural to me.

Have you seen bare feet in groceries stores in other parts of the world?

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