Bunya Mountains – Wallabies Everywhere!

Getting to the Bunya Mountains takes about 3 hours from Brisbane. The last part is on a very narrow mountain road, which we ended up driving on in the dark. Not our favorite time to be on the roads in a foreign country while driving on the opposite side from what we are used to. Regardless, we made it.

There is a Woolworth’s grocery store in Woodford on the way up from the coast. We stopped early, at Caboolture, it was a long way off the road, and I wouldn’t recommend it.

We used Bunya Mountains Accommodations to find and book accommodations. Warning, none of these places provide linens, but you can rent them for the duration of your stay. If you want to see wallabies, this is the place. They are everywhere! It is a National Park, so they are free to roam unharmed. The wallabies were plentiful, but they were cautious of people, so we didn’t get too close.

I was looking forward to feeding the parrots – king and crimson rosellas. There is a bird feeding time and place at the main store. We showed up on time, and there were so many people there to feed the birds that the birds didn’t really show up. There were maybe 8 in all, which was disappointing. Our friends who make frequent visits suggested we drive around the housing development to see if we could find some. We ended up locating birds feeding at some house feeders on one of the side streets. We stopped and got out to feed them. They came over seeking the food in our hands, so we all got to hand feed king parrots and crimson rosellas. There were about ten birds in all, and that worked for our party of 8.

I was excited to once again experience feeding these beautiful birds and also disappointed there were so few. In the past, Cameron and I had fed them, and there seemed to be so many on and around us then. Times have changed.

The park is a lovely place to visit. It’s cooler there than the coast so it would probably be great on those hot summer days. There are forest walks with lots of variety and distances. I felt like I was away from civilization even though there are a store and cafe nearby. Bunya Mountains National Park is a worthwhile side trip.

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