Eating Out Around Barangaroo and Millers Point

There are lots of restaurants in the area that cover all different cuisines. Barangaroo has a lot more to offer since it gets a lot more foot traffic due to proximity to the Barangaroo Wharf.

The sausage rolls we got at Bourke Street Bakery were the best we found on our trip. We also loved the Buddha Bowls and Bao from Bing’s Bao and Beer. The takeaway fish and chips at Fish at the Rocks were excellent! Be warned that pasta with marinara sauce means pasta with seafood sauce, not simple tomato sauce as we were used to. For my non-seafood eating daughter, it was a disaster. Thankfully we had enough fries and snacks for her to eat that night.

There is an interesting and different approach that restaurants take in Sydney. They will often open for lunch, close in the afternoon then open again at 5 or 6 pm – even for restaurants in busy areas like the Barangaroo Wharf which has people around it all day. Some stayed open during the afternoon – usually take-out type restaurants.

We were adjusting to the massive time change, so we had to plan food excursions around our napping, hunger, and open hours. If you want to eat from a specific restaurant, check their hours before you arrive!

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