About Wombat Cubes

Why Wombat Cubes? Wombat poop comes out in cubes, and no one knows why. It is one of the more interesting things we have learned on our adventures, and it’s funny. Both characteristics are important to us and keep us looking for new experiences.

We are a far from normal family of 4 that seeks opportunities to grow and inspire each other to be their best self.  We’ve created a new path through adventures, schooling, careers, and family and decided to share it with you. We hope to instill in our two daughters character, respect, curiosity, adventure, resilience, responsibility, hard work, flexibility, and kindness. 

I grew up in small town Ontario, Canada before I got a Math degree, worked in Toronto then moved to Silicon Valley during the days of the tech boom. Cameron and I met through work and we got married and had two girls. We lived in San Jose for 12 years before moving to Lake Tahoe and we’ve never looked back.

We’ve always been a little off the traditional path – we travel very independently, we homeschool the girls, we live in a small town at 7,000ft elevation, Cameron works in software, and we believe that family is the most important part of our lives.

Our travel bucket list is long and we’ve already checked off many places including: France, Italy, Greece, London, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada, United States, Taiwan, China, and some have had repeat visits. Not sure what’s next. Maybe a motorhome purchase and exploring North America. Who knows?!

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